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Green Light Tea Garden

Promote the concept of environmental protection, use tea waste to develop recycled paper, highlighting the characteristics of the birthplace of tea production, and good tea will be made with good mountains and water. With the logic of recycling, the public can understand the importance of environmental protection. In the process of drinking tea, care and enthusiasm for the land is generated, hope that the three (people, land, and native species) will have a positive, happy and sustainable life.

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The natural bottle as a starting point is made from Taiwanese tea stems, making it environmentally friendly and everlasting. The design uses the only “globally EU certified” tea stem bio-based recycled shampoo bottle. The emphasis is on the global environment along with the requirements and persistence of quality. Pure Chinese Formula Shampoo contains a variety of Chinese herbal extracts.

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Rosa Roxburghii

In order to better communicate with consumers, enhance the local characteristics and charm of rosa roxburghii and tea culture, it combine the aesthetic feeling of traditional culture and modern elements to interpret the life concept of returning to original nature, and staying healthy and progressive embedded in the brand. The overall design is based on the "Chinese style" illustration of rosa roxburghii tea garden, which outlines the rigor from planting to selection of materials that is embedded in the brand, and conveys the essence of the fusion of Chinese tea and rosa roxburghii.

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The bottle has symmetrical droplets on its four sides, two facing upward and two facing downward, which shape the form of water in its dynamic substantiation. As for the label and logo, Backbone Branding has created a combination of a label and a filled bottle, which shows the transparency and plasticity of the water in its dynamics. The blue tint of the back label blends harmoniously with the bottle and, thanks to the refraction of light through the liquid, makes the bottle visible, and the brand's white logo on the transparent label becomes apparent due to the blue-tinted back label.

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Honey tea

The packaging design of this product integrates the local nature, culture and tourist attractions, and combines the characteristics and themes of the product itself to enhance the scene experience of consumers. Visual changes brought about by separate images and different packaging combinations are easier to form sales interaction and communication. There is a card attached with the product, the front side can be used as decorative painting display, and the back side is a line drawing screen, which can be filled with color and doodle freely to increase consumers' participation experience.

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Shangri La

The design was inspired by the posture of the trunk of the old vine and the unique ecological environment of the plateau. Use Chinese ink painting techniques to express the texture of grape trees, and three spirits to represent the unique natural environment of Shangri La. The butterflies represent the local air, the fish represents the local water, and the pines represent the local soil. The whole picture is divided into three parts, which can be combined to form a complete picture of vine growth. In this way, people are urged to protect the ecological environment and inherit the national.

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