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This brand services different areas tea in Taiwan since Taiwan is the hometown of high quality tea.“KaiMon” in Chinese means “Open Door”. It describes the warmth feeling of “open door and come home”.Color and texture design is to blessing, also give thanks to mountains that cultivate tea.The idea is using clean geometry shapes to represent the tough of mountain.Wash colors represent vibrant life of spring.Use three elements of mountains: wind, water and sun to design three small boxes inside the package.Connect the idea of blessing and thanks to mountains.

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The design is a cylindrical container with vibrant colors. Innovative and illuminating use of colors and shapes creates a harmonious design that reflect SARISTI's herbal infusions. What differentiates our design is our ability to give a modern twist to dry tea packaging. The animals used in the packaging represent emotions and conditions that people often experience. For instance, the Flamingo birds represent love, the Panda bear represents relaxation.

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Upcycled Organic Plantain Chips

This package has been designed for Barnana's brand new line of products, Organic Ridged Plantain Chips. The background texture of this package is made up of several banana leafs overlays on top of each other giving it unique depth and texture paying homage to the brand's tropical roots. The leaf used here was harvested from the plantain farms in Ecuador where the raw materials are grown.

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Anti-Gargling Technology. Smooth empty and smooth air pressure balancing without uncontrolled spilling effect. Fuel cans are built in three types of capacity 5L, 10L, 20L. Each of those needs a special funnel to work well. Thanks to this part air can come inside and fluid runs outside naturally and rapidly.

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Cool Wool

The designer developed a form of packaging for retail sails of socks, a mailing tape for standard postal parcels suitable for any clothes for sending by mail and creative communication of the brand. She created sound interaction between the name and slogans on packaging. The first Cool Wool products are socks which change their length in prints on packaging. Some words in several well-known phrases were changed to accentuate attention on the woolen quality of the product. For internet shop with delivery by post the designer produced a brand mailing tape with a post owl instead of a post dove.

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K & Q

This is a packaging design for baked goods (stick cakes, financiers). With a length to width ratio of 8:1, the sides of these sleeves are extremely long and are covered in a checkerboard pattern. The pattern continues onto the front, which also features a centrally located window through which the contents of the sleeve can be seen. When all eight sleeves contained in this gift set are aligned, the beautiful checkered pattern of a chessboard is revealed. K&Q makes your special occasion as elegant as the tea time of a king and queen.

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