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Small Cube

nowadays people living a fast paced life. we aways have no time to take a break and enjoy our life.we make this product in order to provide convenience for who like drinking that this product must be small and portable. Furthmore, it`s not just a cup to make a tea,we trying to Build atmosphere that The Oriental tea ceremony.

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The design aim the fusion between modern design and nordic tendencies in art, portraying the country of origin of the wine. Each edge cut represents the altitude in which each vineyard grows and a respective color for the grape variety. When all of the bottles are aligned inline it forms the shapes of the landscapes of the north of Portugal, the region that gives birth to this wine.

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Miyabi Monaka

This is a packaging design for wafer cake filled with bean jam. The packages are designed with tatami motifs to evoke a Japanese room. They also came up with a sleeve style package design in addition to the packages. This made it possible to (1) show a traditional fireplace, a unique feature of a tea room, and (2) create tea rooms in 2-mat, 3-mat, 4.5-mat, 18-mat, and various other sizes. The backs of the packages are decorated with designs other than the tatami motif so they can be sold separately.

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Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging

The project is to design a whisky packaging targeted at people with special obsession with chivalry culture. Every man had dreamed to become a chevalier while whisky has a close connection with which. This design is made to create a unique experience of opening the outer packing. It is the opening method and the special appearance that makes the packaging unique. The container will rise up with the opening of the outer packaging, feeling like a water drop drops in the water and spread out like a flower.

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Fine herb

This design is aim to create a carton board packaging for people to grow culinary herbs at home. Enriching the lifestyle of urban people by providing a new planting and cooking ritual. This design helps to reduce the waste in the process of distributing the fresh herbs, also it enhances an enjoyable planting experience.The pack contains packs of herb seeds, pots, compost and growing instructions.

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Kritsa extra virgin olive oil

This is the package of "Kritsa" extra virgin olive oil. A unique and value product that is produced and packaged from the local agricultural cooperative of the traditional Cretan village of Kritsa. A glass bottle with a special shape, careful illustration and typography. The illustration has the engraving style and represents the traditional way of gathering the olives in Crete. The typography follows the same character in order to communicate in a modern way the tradition and culture of the area.

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