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Jus Cold Pressed Juicery

The logo and packaging were designed by local firm M — N Associates. The packaging strikes a right balance between being young and hip but also somehow handsome. The white silkscreen logo looks contrasting against the colorful contents with the white cap accenting it. The triangle structure of the bottle lends itself nicely for creating three separate panels, one for the logo and two for information, especially the detailed information on round corners.

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Tropical Lighthouse

Last 9 is a music blog without genre limitations; its feature is drop shape cover and connection between visual component and music. Last 9 produces music compilations, each containing main music theme reflected in visual concept. Tropical Lighthouse is 15th compilation of a series. The project was inspired by sounds of tropical forest, and the main inspiration is music of the artist and musician Mtendere Mandowa. Cover, promo video and vinyl disc packing were designed within this project.

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Urban Cuisine

The street kitchen is the place of flavours, substances, sighs and secrets. But also of surprises, concepts, colours and memories. It's a creation site. Quality content is no longer the basic premise to generate attraction, now the key is to add emotional experience. With this packaging the chef becomes a "graffiti artist" and the client becomes an art spectator. A new original and creative emotional experience: Urban Cuisine. A recipe doesn't have a soul, it's the cook who must give soul to the recipe.

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Black Milk

The packaging design has the two common but at the same time separately design sides.This is depends on what to choose the side that such color will be visible,if look at the black package side can see the white tint of the bottle, if choose the white face of package the black part of the flagon will be the general undertone.The graphic shapes of packaging has the reflections of the bottle design forms.The main graphic element is the cow spots.They are also exist on the package and continue on the glass space.

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Maker Oats

The Maker Oats story includes conveying ease through simplicity, premium ingredients through product visibility, and a reusable jar and refill system for sustainability. The design language, inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, embraces simple geometry paired with clean iconography and sans serif letterforms, translating traditional premium cues into a modern interpretation. The strategy goes against the category norms to disrupt and create a unique point of difference. The use of purposeful, premium materials shifts the conversation from "just another oatmeal" to a breakfast experience.

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Chips BCBG

The challenge for the realization of chip packings of the brand BCBG consisted in carrying out a series of packaging in adequacy with the universe of the mark. The packagings had to be both minimalist and modern, while having this artisanal touch of crisps and that pleasant and sympatic side that brings the characters drawn with the pen. The aperitif is a convivial moment that must feel on the packaging.

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