Future World by Dongdao Team

Dongdao Team Exhibits The Future World Logo

Dongdao Team, the maker of the awarded design Future World - Logo by Dongdao Team demonstrates, Through the theme of lollipop, the logo symbolizes sweetness and joy that Future World (an amusement park) brings to people. A large, rainbow-swirl lol <Cropped>

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Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Solutions Presents The Essence Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Solutions, the lead designer of the highlighted design Ceiling Fan:Essence by Big Ass Solutions explains, Essence is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art. Ranging from 8 to 14 feet (2.4 to 4.3 meters) in diameter, Essence <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bamboo Credenza Furniture

Butz + Klug Architecture Reveals The Bamboo Credenza Furniture

BUTZ + KLUG Architecture, the creative mind behind the awarded project Award Winning Bamboo Credenza Furniture demonstrates, Making the Credenza's Gestalt memorable through both material (Bamboo vs Polished Stainless Steel Steel) and formal (Vol <Cropped>

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Art Museum by Kuang Ming (ray), Chou

Kuang Ming (ray), Chou Exhibits The Song Art Museum Art Museum

Kuang Ming (Ray), Chou, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Song Art Museum Art Museum demonstrates, Song Art Museum transforms everything into geometry and purity from the outside to inner. "Govern without intervention", <Cropped>

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Transforming Footwear by Jingwen Zhang

Jingwen Zhang Presents The Comfort Transforming Footwear

Jingwen Zhang, the maker of the displayed project Jingwen Zhang's Comfort Transforming Footwear explicates, With the developing of the economic, people are busy with their work. Though they are busy every day, their spiritual world might be lone <Cropped>

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Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award

The Indicator of Quality and Perfection in Design, a' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Is Now Open For Entries

A' Design Award and Competition is now open for entries for Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category. Winners of A' Design Award and Competition will receive Design Excellence Certificate, Lifetime license to use the A' Fashion a <Cropped>

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Jeffrey a Day's Setback Coffee Table

Jeffrey a Day Illustrates The Setback Coffee Table

Jeffrey A Day, the lead designer of the displayed project Setback - Coffee Table by Jeffrey A Day points out, The qualities that Setback has are twofold. First, the design starts a non verbal dialog between user and product; this is accomplished by <Cropped>

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Anti-Theft and Comfort by Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett

Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett Presents The The Travel Bra Anti-Theft and Comfort

Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett, the thinktank behind the award winning work The Travel Bra by Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett points out, The Travel Bra has a patented drop-down mesh pocket that stores cash and even stretches to take a passport. It <Cropped>

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National Palace Museum Award-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

National Palace Museum Awardobjective The National Palace Museum (npm) Has Organized a Series of Design Competitions, Campus Seminars, Representations and Award Ceremonies to Promote The Cultural and Creative Industry, Pass Down a Wealth of Chinese Cultu

National palace museum awardObjective the national palace museum (npm) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of chinese <Cropped>

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Tulpi-Arabesque by Marco Manders

Marco Manders Discloses The Tulpi-Arabesque Waste Bin

Marco Manders, the project leader of the highlighted work Waste bin by Marco Manders illustrates, Tulpi-Arabesque is designer Marco Manders newest design, a new addition to the Tulpi product line. This design was not only inspired by the Tulip but <Cropped>

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