Award Winning Chien Residence Ii Private Residence

David Hsiao Reveals The Chien Residence Ii Private Residence

David Hsiao, the designer of the displayed project Chien Residence II - Private Residence by David Hsiao illustrates, The main approach is to let calming atmosphere of stone and warm texture of wood play the magic in the generous interior area. We ch <Cropped>

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Ceiling Mount Motion & Presence Detector:flush Dali Sensor by Niko Design Team

Niko Design Team Presents The Flush Dali Sensor Ceiling Mount Motion & Presence Detector

Niko Design Team, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Niko Design Team's Flush Dali Sensor Ceiling mount motion & presence detector spells out, Niko flush mount motion detectors have a unique flat lens and integrate seamlessly in an <Cropped>

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Szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award

The Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, Invite You All to Design The Official Gadget/Souvenir For All The Attendees of The Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019.szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award Also This Year

The shenzhen industrial design profession association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the shenzhen international industrial design fair 2019.Szidf 2019 gadget design award also this y <Cropped>

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Clive by Jonathan Nacif De Andrade

Jonathan Nacif De Andrade Exhibits The Clive Cosmetics Packaging

Jonathan Nacif de Andrade, the creator of the award winning design Clive - Cosmetics Packaging by Jonathan Nacif de Andrade points out, The concept of Clive cosmetics packaging was born to be different. Jonathan did not just want to create another br <Cropped>

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Award Winning a Slice of Tool Stationery and Tool Set

Pie-Hung Lin Shares The a Slice of Tool Stationery and Tool Set

Pie-Hung Lin, the architect of the displayed work Pie-Hung Lin's A Slice Of Tool Stationery and Tool Set demonstrates, Cork can be completely recycled and reused, the cork after recycled won’t be produce to make cork again. However, it can be <Cropped>

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Matrix Intelligent Weighbridge Terminal-Electronic Weighbridge Terminal by Universal Designovation Lab Llp

Universal Designovation Lab Llp Discloses The Matrix Intelligent Weighbridge Terminal Electronic Weighbridge Terminal

Universal Designovation Lab LLP, the designer of the highlighted work Electronic Weighbridge Terminal by Universal Designovation Lab LLP says, Matrix is a advanced truck weighbridge scale. This product has been designed to meet the international stan <Cropped>

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Hotel by Vírgula I

Vírgula I Designs The Hotel Minho Renewal and Extension Hotel

Vírgula i, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Hotel by Vírgula i points out, Hotel Minho renewal and extension project starts from a building constructed in 2006, now renovated with new public areas and spa. The extension was designed <Cropped>

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Sales Office by Lian Zicheng-Daguan Design Association

Lian Zicheng-Daguan Design Association Illustrates The City Cube Sales Office

Lian ZiCheng - Daguan Design Association, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning City Cube Sales Office illustrates, Using Rubik's cube as the main axis of the design, it reflects the architectural characteristics of the stacke <Cropped>

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Not Club-Bar by Yongcai Huang

Yongcai Huang Creates The Not Club Bar

YongCai Huang, the designer of the awarded work Bar by YongCai Huang spells out, NOT CLUB is a new generation of music bars. Just like NASA, designer chose to use the record as the core of the experience, and designed the entire bar as a spaceship.Th <Cropped>

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Green Product Award & Green Concept Award

The Competition Is Seeking For Green, Sustainable Products, Concepts & Products and Concepts Can Be Submitted to The International Green Product Award For The Seventh Time. This Year, Manufacturers, Design Studios & Agencies Are Inv

The competition is seeking for green, sustainable products, concepts & services.Green products and concepts can be submitted to the international green product award for the seventh time. this year, manufacturers, design studios & agencies ar <Cropped>

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