Lampa Award 2018

Lampa and Desall Invite You to The New Edition of The Lampa Award, With The Aim of Exploring Innovative Solutions For Technical Accessories For Clothing Items Dedicated to Street Wear World, Including Tuck Catches, Cord Stoppers, Buckles, Fasteners, Stopp

Lampa and desall invite you to the new edition of the lampa award, with the aim of exploring innovative solutions for technical accessories for clothing items dedicated to street wear world, including tuck catches, cord stoppers, buckles, fasteners, <Cropped>

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Door Handle:square by Xenofon Hector Grigorelis

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis Illustrates The Square Door Handle

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis, the project leader of the highlighted project Xenofon Hector Grigorelis's Square Door Handle demonstrates, The combination and mixing of lines, shapes and volumes gives us the final result of the handle. It has net, ge <Cropped>

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Surface Downlight by Rubén Saldaña Acle

Rubén Saldaña Acle Creates The Sky Surface Downlight

Rubén Saldaña Acle, the author of the displayed project Surface Downlight:Sky by Rubén Saldaña Acle illustrates, A light fitting that seems to be floating. A slim and light disc installed a few centimeters beneath the ceiling. This is the design <Cropped>

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Leigh & Orange Limited's Qianhai Shenzhen-hong Kong Fund Town Office, Mixed-used Development

Leigh & Orange Limited Presents The Qianhai Shenzhen-hong Kong Fund Town Office, Mixed-used Development

Leigh & Orange Limited, the designer of the awarded design Leigh & Orange Limited's Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Fund Town Office, Mixed-used development demonstrates, The development comprises of a variety of low-rise building typologies, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Sostanza Lead Holder

Elastico Studio Shares The Sostanza Lead Holder

Elastico Studio, the maker of the highlighted design Lead holder:Sostanza by Elastico Studio spells out, Sostanza is a simplified lead holder that combines the warmth of a traditional pencil with the convenience of a propelling pencil. It's comp <Cropped>

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Wineglass by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Ladies & Gentlemen Wineglass

The thinktank behind the displayed project Acclaimed Designer's Ladies & Gentlemen wineglass spells out, The craftsmen heat the wineglass handle to make it a circle. Via the design, it can change how one takes a wineglass and its functions.1 <Cropped>

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Future Pharmacy

Th.kohl and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For The Pharmacy of The Future, Meant as a “retail Space” Dedicated to The Person, His/Her Wellbeing and to The Relationships.future Pharmacy-envision The Pharmacy of The Future On Desall

Th.kohl and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “retail space” dedicated to the person, his/her wellbeing and to the relationships.Future pharmacy - envision the pharmacy of the future on de <Cropped>

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Light Painting Photography by Arina Taghvaei and Armaghan Taghvaei

Arina Taghvaei and Armaghan Taghvaei Shows The Hidden Stories of The Room Light Painting Photography

Arina Taghvaei and Armaghan Taghvaei, the creator of the award winning design Hidden Stories of The Room by Arina Taghvaei and Armaghan Taghvaei explains, Hidden Stories of The Room is a collection of light painting photographs captured in a childhoo <Cropped>

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Retail Pop-Up:nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia

Coordination Asia Designs The Nike Studio Beijing Retail Pop-Up

Coordination Asia, the architect of the highlighted design Nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia explains, Nike requested a pop-up space that embodied infinity and empowerment while promoting their new collections and Nike+ Run Club. We came to <Cropped>

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