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Milk Baobab Baby Skin Care

It is inspired by milk, the main ingredient. The unique container design of the milk pack type reflects the product characteristics and is designed to be familiar to even the first-time consumers. In addition, the material made of polyethylene (PE) and rubber (EVA) and the soft characteristics of pastel color are used to emphasize that it is a mild product for children with weak skin. The round shape is applied to the corner for safety of mom and baby.

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Cong Tai Baijiu

The design uses modern and traditional elements to transfer a fashionable effect. The design of the label uses the shape of a rat and a coin to convey a rich and auspicious idea. The outer ring of the label design is decorated with a light shape to create a lively effect. The bottle is made of the ceramic. The surface texture of the bottle is marble. The design combines the Eastern with the Western culture to create a sense of fashion. The design tries to convey a Chinese zodiac culture and presents a complete product characteristic.

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Si Te Baijiu

The box is embossed with a treasured flower pattern. The design has a complex and vitality effect. The shape of the label is inspired by the traditional Chinese mascot Ruyi. A traditional seal shape is underneath the label. The idea of using seal shape on the design is inspired by Chinese dragons and the Great Wall. The design transfers an oriental concept. The result of the product design is delicate.

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Yedao Lugui Baijiu

The idea of the design is about the famous eight tourist attractions in Hainan Province of China. The design applies an illustration form to draw those eight tourist scenic spots on the bottle of the product. The packaging of the product is simple with Hainan characteristics. The tourist can use the product as a gift for their relative and friend. The design of the product packaging propagandizes the local cultural characteristics of Hainan. It also spread the Hainan’s tourist attractions culture.

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Happy Ginger Ale

The designer used illustration to creates four characters represent men, women, elderly men, and children. In the design, each of the characters has their own status in daily life. The characters are holding a beverage can in their hand on the design. The facial expressions of the characters reveal their favorability for the drinks. The designer intends to use illustration design to produce a psychological interaction with the customer directly. The designer tries to encourage people could willing to taste the ginger drink.

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San Liang Jiang

The idea of this design is inspired by the culture of Sanxingdui and the shape of cultural relics. The design produces an excavation process of the artistic relics experience. The experience of consumers to open the packaging box seems like to explore a cultural relic. The design enhances an interaction effect between the consumer and the product. The colour of the packaging is mainly black which transfers a mystery and curiosity result.

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