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Hou Juice

Pagoda Fruit Co., Ltd. is one the largest fruit retailer in China. The main icon of Pagoda Fruit is a Dancing Monkey. Because monkey is very often deified in Chinese traditional culture, the figure is use in many occasions. When Leng Chen design this series of drinks, Leng Chen want to create a monkey figure that is not that common in China. Leng Chen contacted his Polish artist friend - Anna to cooperate in this project. The design idea was to deliver happy & fun feeling in the product, and that is what Leng Chen presented in the final design, a group of monkeys dancing in a jungle party.

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Jiu Ming Tang

The exhibition of traditional Chinese elements is accompanied by the dissemination of culture. The design with the characteristics of traditional Chinese festivals is used for cultural output. Modern culture and traditional culture are integrated and innovated to a large extent. The adoption of elements to reflect originality and traditionalism is a common concept, which will attract the attention of consumers, arouse the new trend of traditional culture and enhance cultural identity Sense.

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Saintly Flavours

Saintly Flavours is a gourmet food gift set that targets the consumers of high-end shops. Following the trend in which food and dining have become fashionable, the inspiration for the project comes from 2018’s Met Gala fashion theme of Catholicism. Jeremy Bonggu Kang tried to create a look that catches the eyes of the high-end shop consumers, using the ornate and traditional etching style of illustrations to represent the rich tradition of art and high-quality food making in Catholic Monasteries.

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Woman Flower

This collection is inspired by the exaggerated clothing styles of medieval European ladies and the bird's eye view shapes. The designer extracted the forms of the two and used them as creative prototypes and combined with product design to form a unique shape and fashion sense, showing a rich and dynamic form.

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The Meaninghall Tea

The Meaninghall is a local brand which is focus on selling agricultural products in high quality. It’s based in a small town of Suzhou which is called Luxiang. With a centuries-old history, and great natural environment, it has a famous green tea which is in the top list of Chinese tea- Biluochun. It’s also rich of typical fruits which belong to South of Yangzi river.

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Mi Quad Driver In-Ear Headphone adopts the advanced technology of hybrid quad drivers, 2 dynamic drivers, and 2 balanced armatures. Instead of showing the product image, this packaging design embeds the product into a nautilus shell to highlight the prominent sound effect of the product. Therefore, the whole image embossed on the surface to make the real feeling of the nautilus. Meanwhile, the silver paper with black ink gives the packaging a low sparkle to indicate high technology feelings. Due to the number of accessories and wires, the draw-out box structurally contains two layers.

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