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Mi Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush features an interactive brushing animation that children can learn from the app. As an inseparable part of the product, this packaging is characterized by cartoon elements and children illustrations. The packaging adopts a pull-out drawer, displaying images switched from tooth decay on the teeth to the dental plaque, then finally to the shiny teeth when sliding open the box. As a result of the distinctive design philosophy, the packaging is not only used for protecting the product but also tuned into an illustration book or a toy.

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Xiaomi Watch

The packaging design of Mi Watch stands out its characteristics of high technology. The 3D hologram is adopted to present a three-dimensional effect on the packaging. With different viewing angles, the flow of water ripples appears which reflects that time is like water flowing away quickly. The box employs embossed printing skills and the special printing ink that make the box feels as real as the product itself. As the watch is not sunken into the pulp tray but raising from the surface, it seems the watch is floating on the box.

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Holiday Gift Set

The holiday gift set includes chocolate, tea, honey, candle, all timeless treats. This product line offers a way to show your client your honest appreciation. The packaging is inspired by Zemyna, the Lithuanian earth goddess. The earth goddess is represented as a Christmas fairy who passes through uncovered fields, magically ripening fruit and inspiring life. She is also a symbol of timeless tradition, but now, she is updated, modern, cool and hip, wearing sneakers and headphones, representing the newest generation that respects the past, but is the future.

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Buchanan's Red Seal

forceMAJEURE Design was asked to create a new design for Buchanan’s Red Seal through the redesign of a new bottle structure, package design and gift box, highlighting its luxury and quality. Based on the ideals of sharing and generosity that Buchanan’s is known for, FM crafted an elegant bottle shape with soft curves allowing the iconic Red Seal to shine. Visible through the front of the bottle is the Buchanan’s crest, proudly embossed at the back of the glass and beautifully framing the seal. The bottle is presented in an elegant, deep red gift box.

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The Client is an enterprise selling high-end utensils. The project focuses on the design of gift packaging for several of its high-end tea vessels made in silver, brass and enamel. The overall tone of dark green, decorated with autumn colors, to make stable atmosphere. Tassels strung with "Wei Wu Zhi Zu" brass ancient coins as pendants, brass ancient coins is engraved on both sides with "Wei Wu Zhi Zu", "Long Happiness”.

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Old Parr

forceMAJEURE was asked to create the brand world for the redesign of Old Parr, the whisky born in Scotland that has conquered the warm heart of Latin America where it is a synonym of unpretentious status. The team first set out to create a brand vision for Old Parr that would become the visual representation of brand values, elements, and personality that could be translated into any medium space. This became the touchstone for how the brand would develop, as the team moved from packaging to communication, activation, events, and experiences.

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