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Deshan Decang

With the inspiration derives from the "virtue mountains in Changde".Unlike other fancy, flashy liquor packages, in order to enhance its collecting value, this product adopts and inherits the simplified traditional southern chinese style, which is shown throught the dull polished black, making a great contrast between static and motion through applying elements in the circle. The shape of the bottle is designed as a chinese wallet, the plump curve of the bottle and the lotus represents chinese people's hospitality and humility.

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Arome Agency's works on the graphic identity and artistic line for Kailani packaging are based on minimal and clean design. This minimalism is in line with the product that has only one ingredient, magnesium. The typography chosen is strong and typed. It characterizes both the strength of the mineral magnesium and the strength of the product, which restores vitality and energy to consumers.

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A Cup of Life

A Cup of Life is focused on the garbage problem. There is a lot of trash when walking around the streets of Europe. One of them is a coffee cup. I thought if a coffee cup can use not only drink but also use another purpose, it has been decreasing every time. For that reason, I made two purposes for the coffee cup. One is take away and other is a vase. It is provided to take away coffee at the coffee shop in partnership with a flower shop. If the customers bought coffee, they can also take free seed from this packaging and also can buy an assortment of instant coffee with different seeds.

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A beer label design in Art Nouveau style. The beer label also contains many details about the brewing process. The design also fits on two different bottles. This can be done simply by printing the design on 100 percent display and 70 percent size. The label is connected to a database, which ensures that each bottle receives a unique filling number.

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All label designs are created automatically by the predetermined algorithm during the print-run. Label design on each bottle differs yet all designs originate from two graphic patterns and 21 languages. Graphic patterns are pictures of printing inks. They remind painted canvas. Therefore label design imitates brushstroke on canvas. Exposure of respective color facilitates visual identification of carbonated or still water. Multi-layer printing ensures opacity and brightness of the image from any sides of the bottle. Spot wet-touch tactile surface strengthens the visual impression.

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Spring Aqua Premium

Spring Aqua Premium is a combination of award-winning Finnish spring water and timeless, Scandinavian package design. The cone-shaped water bottle is an eye-cather which brings a touch of luxury to celebrations as well as everyday life. The bottle shape together with small finishing touches such as the diamond-patterned label and champagne-inspired opening technique give the package its character. The bottle is made of fully recyclable pet plastic. It is functional for the consumer to open and drink from, efficient to produce and durable to ship all over the world.

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