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Mr. Qiao is a pastry brand of Yu Yuan. The brand is aiming to spread and generate a good word of mouth of the scenery spot and Shanghai city. The inspiration of the design comes from the historical architecture of Shanghai, represents the unique culture. The creative design absorbed the quintessence of the architecture which could be a symbolic image of old-Shanghai style, blended with the modern style. It makes the gift package attracted the tourists to purchase as local specialty.

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The Cedea water design is inspired by the Ladin Dolomites and the legends about the natural light phenomenon Enrosadira. Caused by their unique mineral, the Dolomites light up in a reddish, burning hue at sunrise and sunset, lending the scenery a magic ambience. By “resembling the legendary magic Garden of Roses”, the Cedea packaging aims to capture this very moment. The result is a glass bottle making the water glare and flare to surprising effect. The colors of the bottle are meant to resemble the special glow of the Dolomites bathed in the mineral’s rose red and the blue of the sky.

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Raimaijon Pasteurized Sugarcane Juice

Create a new packaging for Thai Sugarcane Industry. This packaging design is to give sugarcane lovers a whole new experience through a literalist graphic design. The packaging designed to simulate the look, feel and texture of the sugarcane flavour contained inside. Also, the bottle shape and size have been designed to allow the bottle to snap fit and stack on top of one another. When looking from a distance this design is wholly distinctive on the shelf and easy recognition for the customers.

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Healthy Food Healthy Life

In everyday life rice is produced through modern conventional mass production. Many people may question if this production process is actually good enough. Therefore the research was made to confirm that the traditional rice growing process without any machines will yield good quality rice. This packaging convey the story of ancient Thai wisdom rice farming by carving it on the rice seed.

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Olive Tree Luxury

The new packaging design for German luxury natural cosmetics brand relates it's story of the artistically, like a diary, bathing it in warm colors. Seemingly chaotic at first glance, on closer inspection the packaging communicates a strong unity, a message. Thanks to the new design concept all products radiate naturalness, style, ancient healing knowledge and modern practicality.

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HESK SKincare

HESK is an expert in male skin care, The brand Initial naming is creating from Health Effective SKincare. Urban men face challenges and pressures, are independent, refined, elegant is their model attribute. The package design emphasizes the natural and efficient product attributes and highlights the professional, high-quality, gentlemanly and elegant atmosphere of the products. Every memorable visual in the world comes from the lights. On the package, lines are overlapping the bottles, back and forth echo with the lights, forming an illusion, just like contemporary artwork.

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