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Honore Douro

To sign more than 4 centuries of history of Quinta do Crasto, an emblematic Portuguese estate from Douro with wines recognized worldwide, and also the centenary of the purchase of the estate by Constantino de Almeida, Omdesign created and produced Honore Douro, a special edition limited to 1615 magnum bottles. In addition, this commemorative packaging also includes a sample of Quinta do Crasto book, telling the history and evolution of the estate and brand since 1615.

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Marques de Casa Concha

The challenge was to present an elegant black color on the packaging, which represented the dark and deep flavors of cherry, black currant, cedar, blackberry and graphite, with strong links with the Chilean soil. The creative complexity of the mix is ​​reflected in the different organic forms that are constantly fused around this package, assuming its content and delicately framing the texts. The use of copper color for the brand also represents the richness of Chilean soil that combines its mineral and agricultural characteristics.

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Evoplla is a medical cosmetology brand under JTK International Medical Group. Jan Creation managed to build Evoplla’s visual identity and its product package design. For each product, the outer packaging is a rectangular cardboard box in the color of futuristic silver. The logo of Evoplla and a unique DNA pattern is thermo-printed on the surface. The syringe is sealed in a shiny silver aluminum foil bag, which is placed in the drawer of the outer box.

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Anything with a cultural background is not easy to be innovated.The designer achieved a good result of turning a traditional ancient Chinese gifted box into a modern one. The LOGO formed of zodiac animals and the multifunctional layers are quite amazing. The Box is a very exquisite embodiment of some symbolic elements of Chinese culture. It is designed into a very precious and delicate retro one, making it quite eye-catching. As a gifted box, consumers are more likely to buy this box with the stylish packaging design.

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Jia Hu

Jia Hu civilization, can be traced back to 9000 years ago, at the time of the Chinese ancestors invented the liquor and bone flute, this is equivalent to the human has been got a certain satisfaction on matter and spirit, rich in the design of the art of painting, with the river represents the history surrounding the flute in the shape of a vivid and artistic, let more customers feel the charm of Chinese culture

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Omdesign 2018

This self-promotional packaging was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the agency. Unique, special and distinctive, this edition is a travel to the origins of Portugal and to the Portuguese Discoveries that also mirror the values of Omdesign and their vision about the future. The particular significance of this packaging is supported by the comparison of the audacity, boldness, determination and victories of the Portuguese navigators with the recognition of their clients and partners as well as the distinctions they receive, alongside the Portuguese design, from all over the world.

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