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Devynerios is a family of unique herbal liqueurs that is the category leader in Lithuania. They represent Lithuania, authentic production methods and recipes based on natural ingredients. Each product is distinctive and different. The key features are also reflected in the label designs. Originalios design communicate authenticity. Zalios is multi layered and rich, immersing you into the mystical world of herbs. Raudonos, courage and youthfulness are reflected using asymmetry and vivid colors.

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Al Mocha Port

A series of packaging designs for Al Mocha Port, Saudi Arabia. Design is inspired by history, culture, and provenance to create an identity that reinforced authenticity and expertise. The packaging is clean, understandable, distinguished, and not overloaded with information, bridging the past and the present. Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Gold colors aim to attract customer attention. The coffee illustration on the sides emphasizes the attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the product selection. A flexible labeling system allows the brand to adapt the offering easily, throughout the year.

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Koch's Meerrettich

The motto "back to the roots" is currently conquering the food industry. Ancient root vegetables, which include horseradish, are currently very popular. To revive the brand in shelves, Wolkendieb relaunched the Koch's brand identity and packaging portfolio. The logo was modernised to become bolder and more visible. The new design focuses on depicting the unprocessed natural ingredients and the clean recipes without additives or conservatives. Fresh from the field straight to the consumer: directly, simply and lovingly prepared!

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Scent Traveling Taiwan By Smell is a design that transforms Taiwan's natural, cultural, historical architecture and other characteristics into fragrance products. Using the sense of smell to create an immersive experience, evoke emotional memories, and relive the international tourism scents that are touched by travel. In addition to commemorating the trip, you can also use the scent to introduce Taiwan to others.

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Get the hang of it

Where did all the hangers go? They’re never enough and there isn’t one around when you need it! Well, that’s about to change! The “get the hang of it” bag has two no ordinary handles. They are actually two detachable carboard hangers. The user can hang up his newly purchased clothes at once! This bag gives the opportunity to retail stores to “go green” and remain at the forefront of the fashion world. It also urges consumers that concern themselves with the state of the environment, to avoid the use of plastic bags and hangers.

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Kjaer Weis

The design of the Kjaer Weis cosmetics line distills the fundamentals of women’s makeup to its three essential areas of application: lips, cheeks and eyes. We designed compacts shaped to mirror the features they will be used to enhance: slim and long for the lips, large and square for the cheeks, small and round for the eyes. Tangibly, the compacts swivel open with an innovative lateral movement, fanning out like the wings of a butterfly. Entirely refillable, these compacts are purposely conserved rather than recycled.

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