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Tianmu Yunwu Tea

This is tea packaging, and Tianmu Yunwu tea is used as a souvenir for traveling in Xinchang. The packaging gift box as a whole is a two-layer pull-up structure in the shape of a mountain, and visually integrates the expression of mountains, ground, clouds, and Queen Mother's feast culture. It is not only easy to identify, but also easy to spread quickly in the market. The aesthetic design style gives Tianmu Yunwu tea product packaging a unique visual and beautiful experience.

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The Taoscan

To stand out from the crowd you need to be extraordinary. And The Taoscan is no ordinary product: there is no whiskey on earth like it. Designed for the finest venues, stealing the limelight on the bar. The stand and accessories were designed to offer the perfect whiskey serve: its open, 360 degrees design allows it to be viewed from every angle, deploying envy from everyone else in the bar. The walnut stand, the detailed copper stems that lead up to a leather handle, the obsidian or the thoroughly crafted bottle and glasses; every part of The Tasocan is the pinnacle of design excellence.

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The magnetic dome on the top of the bottle is the exact dome from the Sakakini Palace with its glorious rococo features as the intent is to remind people of the beauty of this abandoned building in a touchable way. The task was to create a luxurious and sophisticated product, package, and brand. It will promote Egypt's forgotten architecture and help save this rich heritage through the profits of the sales.

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Love is Invisible

Discrimination against Asians has increased in the U.S. during the pandemic. The design concept of Love is Invisible is especially based on the concept of water tolerance in Asian culture, to show that the love between people is invisible, which can eliminate discrimination and remove barriers. Love Is Invisible is a public welfare activity launched by the Super Joey Foundation in nearly 20 cities across the country. The Tsddesign team designed the T-shirts and packaging that young volunteers of different races will wear across the country from the Love is Invisible collection.

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Hometown Flavor

Yunnan is home to many ethnic minorities who have their own unique eating styles. As a representative traditional staple food in Yunnan, rice noodles can be integrated with any ingredient and cooking method to produce different tastes. Through the carrier of rice noodles, the designers have developed and designed this series of Yunnan rice noodle products by combining the costumes of ethnic minorities in Yunnan and the tastes of ethnic minorities. Through modern food preservation technology, the taste of Yunnan is promoted to the world.

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Jinlongquan beer hopes to launch a medium and high end product that can not only convey the long history of the brand, but also make consumers feel good quality; designers use rich illustrations to depict hops, ears of wheat, wooden wine barrels, beer, water sources and other elements, so that the packaging has a strong beer industry attribute; more importantly, the illustrations include the brand image symbol of Chinese dragon sculpture in the former site of Jinlongquan distillery in 1978, as well as the redesign of logo font and brand red, forming a strong brand recognition.

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